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20 Hair Terms to Add to Your Vocabulary

As hairstylists, we often toss around terms that we forget to sound like a foreign language to non-hairstylists. Terminology, trends, and verbiage are constantly changing, and even we have a hard time keeping up! We’re going to break down 20 common hair terms in 2022 so you know what’s going on with new trends and how to ask your Shelburne hairstylist for the exact look you want! 


A haircut in which the hair does not have perfect symmetry and one side is longer than the other. This type of cut helps add dimension and creates a flattering face framing hairstyle.

BALAYAGE (pronounced: bah-lee-ahge)

A hand painted highlighting technique. Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep” and is exactly how the lightener is applied to the hair. It creates a natural, sun kissed blonde and allows for super easy grow out.


Unwanted warm tones in lightened hair. AKA that annoying yellow/orange tone that happens when you’ve lightened your hair multiple levels. You can counteract brassy tones with a toner (see below)!


A colour application technique in which the hairstylist overlaps 3 or more colours in a way to create a perfectly seamless blending of shades.


A short, textured haircut. A “crop cut” can be done in many ways but simply put, it’s a little longer on top but shorter on the sides and back.


A hair cutting technique. This style of cutting is great for fine/thin hair because you get to see the movement of the hair and better assess where to thin out bulk. Split ends can also be more visible when hair is dry making them easier to snip away! 


A hair cutting technique in which you only remove damaged ends without taking any length. Dusting in between trims helps keep split ends at bay and allows you to grow longer, healthy hair.


A hair cutting technique in which hair is cut in varying lengths around the face to create a flattering frame with volume and movement.


A hair cutting technique in which hair is finely layering to create maximum texture and volume. Think Farrah Fawcett circa the 1970’s. This type of haircut is great for fine hair textures to create tons of volume! 


Simply put, a fringe is the same thing as bangs. There are tons of ways to wear a fringe: curtain fringe, blunt bangs, baby bangs, textured fringe, etc. 


A non-permanent hair colour treatment that adds incredible shine to the hair while reducing frizz and flyway’s. Think of it like a shiny top coat for your hair, it lasts for 1-2 weeks! Hair glaze differs from hair color as it does not contain ammonia or peroxide. 


A semi or demi-permanent colour treatment that does not penetrate the hair shaft. AKA a super low maintenance option for people wanting to enhance their natural colour or add a subtle tone short term. It enhances the natural colour by adding incredible lustre and shine that lasts 4-6 weeks.


Hair lightening technique in which lightener is applied in an organic, custom way to enhance facial features and create a soft, natural, look. Sound familiar?! Balayage is a hair painting technique! 


Using lightener or colour to lift the level and brightness of hair colour. Highlights are typically applied with foils and can be applied to create a subtle or more noticeable lightened look. 


A hair cutting technique in which hair is cut in varying lengths to create definition, volume, and movement. 


Think highlights, but the complete opposite. Lowlights are used to create contrast and depth by applying darker colour throughout the hair using foils.


A bright, face framing highlight around the front hair line. It’s called a money piece because it refers to a money saving, minimal effort to achieve maximum, bright, highlighted hair! 


A colour technique in which colour is “smudged” from the root downward to create a seamless, soft transition. This technique is great for a low maintenance look with easy grow out! 


A liquid formula that is applied after colouring or lightening service to neutralize any unwanted tones. Toner applied in salon typically lasts 2-6 weeks (depending how often you wash your hair) but there are toning products available (like purple shampoos + conditioners) to maintain your ideal tone at home! 

There you have it, the basics of trending hair terminology in 2022! As always, the trusted hair care experts at Changes Hair Studio, the best salon in Shelburne, Ontario are here for all your hair care needs.

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We'll see you at your next salon visit and until then, you can catch us on social media @changes_hair_studio Cheers, The Hair Experts at your favourite Shelburne hair salon

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