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Color Correction 101: Rescuing Your Hair from DIY Disasters

Updated: Apr 9

We get it - in the era of online tutorials and DIY beauty experiments, you could be tempted to transform your hair color at home. However, as the saying goes, the road to hair hell is paved with good intentions. If you find yourself in need of a hair color intervention after a DIY disaster, fear not. We see them all the time! Our team at Changes Hair Studio, Shelburne premier luxury hair salon, specializes in color correction, helping you bid farewell to those unintended hues and welcome back the luscious locks you love. Let's dive into Color Correction 101 and explore how our Shelburne hair stylists can rescue your hair from DIY mishaps.

What are the Risks of Coloring my Hair at Home?

Many adventurous souls have tried their hand at home hair coloring kits, enticed by the promise of salon-quality results in the comfort of their own bathrooms. However, achieving the perfect color is an art that goes beyond mixing shades in a bowl. If you’ve never dyed your own hair before, think twice.  You can do some real damage to your hair or make a mistake that could be really expensive to fix when you come back to the salon.  You wouldn’t imagine the situations we’ve had to deal with.  

Common do-it-yourself color challenges include uneven application, brassy tones, and, in many cases, unexpected colors that have left clients feeling less than satisfied.  You also have to worry about possible allergic reactions and scalp burning.  Your Shelburne hair colour experts at Changes Hair Studio don’t train for years as hair color experts and pass certifications for nothing!  We've encountered it all and we have the knowledge and skills to address these challenges, offering tailored solutions that restore your hair's natural beauty.

What is Color Correction?

Color correction is not a one-size-fits-all process. It requires a careful assessment of the current state of your hair, the products used, and the desired end result. Our Shelburne hair color correction specialists take a personalized approach, understanding that each client's hair journey is unique.

First and foremost, we conduct a thorough consultation to grasp the specifics of your DIY adventure. Did you aim for a honey blonde and end up with a brassy disaster? Or perhaps an attempt at a vibrant red turned into an unexpected shade of orange? Whatever the case, our team is here to listen, analyze, and create a tailored plan to correct the color mishap.

Why Choose Changes Hair Studio for Color Correction

1. Expertise in Shelburne  Hair Color Trends

Our Shelburne salon is at the forefront of local hair color trends. We understand the nuances of the Shelburne hair scene and are well-versed in the styles that resonate with our diverse clientele.

2. Redken Products: A Commitment to Quality

Utilizing high-quality Redken products, the #1 hair color brand in Canada, is integral to our color correction process. These professional-grade products not only contribute to the health of your hair but also ensure vibrant and lasting color results.

3. Customized Solutions for Every Client

We recognize that no two color correction cases are identical. Our Shelburne hair stylists take pride in their ability to tailor solutions based on your unique hair type, color history, and personal preferences.

The Road to Hair Redemption

Embarking on the journey to correct DIY color mishaps can be daunting, but at Changes Hair Studio, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Our Shelburne hair color correction experts employ advanced techniques such as color stripping, toning, and precision color application to gradually correct and enhance your hair color.

For brassy tones, we use toners designed to neutralize unwanted warmth, leaving you with a more balanced and natural look. Uneven color distribution is meticulously addressed through strategic color application, ensuring a seamless blend that mirrors your desired shade. Our goal is not just to correct the color but to create a stunning result that surpasses your expectations.

At Changes Hair Studio, we don't just correct hair color; we transform it into a work of art. Our Shelburne hair stylists are passionate about empowering clients to embrace their beauty confidently. Through open communication, a keen eye for detail, and a commitment to excellence, we aim to make your color correction experience as enjoyable as possible.


If you've found yourself in a DIY hair colour predicament, there's no need to panic. The color correction experts at Changes Hair Studio are here to rescue your locks and revitalize your confidence. Trust in our Shelburne salon's expertise, personalized approach, and dedication to quality as we guide you on the path to hair redemption. Book your consultation today, and let us turn your color disaster into a vibrant success, ensuring you step into the world with the beautiful, professionally corrected hair you deserve.

But remember, the best solution of all is not to try the DIY approach in the first place!  We’ll take care of all your hair and beauty needs so that you avoid any disasters before they happen.

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Cheers, The Hair Experts at your favourite Shelburne hair salon, Changes Hair Studio

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